Wirba Begins Crusade For Freedom of West Cameroon in Kumbo, Says “We Are Nobody’s Slaves”

Joseph Wirba
Opposition SDF MP and darling of the Southern Cameroons cause, Joseph Wirba

By Ngala Hans, Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Kumbo – Honorable Wirba Joseph, opposition MP for the SDF party who has become the rallying figure for the freedom of West Cameroon since December 2016 is due to storm opposition stronghold town of Kumbo in a rally that aims at educating the masses and garnering support for the Anglophone cause.

The rally is scheduled to start at 10:00 AM at the Kumbo Municipal Stadium in Tobin, today, January 14. From there, he will have a message directed to millions of Southern Cameroonians all over the world. The unprecedented rally is coming at a time when the call for a return to the two-state Federation that existed at the time West Cameroon gained independence, have been deafening.

Speaking to The Cameroon Journal, about his vision for the rallies which will take him to all major cities and towns across Southern Cameroons, Wirba said: “We promised West Cameroonians over a month ago in parliament that we will resist this repressive government. So the aim of this rally in Kumbo is to bring that resistance to the grassroots, to sensitize the masses and to tell the powers that be that we are nobody’s slaves, we are nobody’s servants. We want to live in dignity and freedom. This country will not know peace until we go back to the foundation on which it was built…”

We note that Wirba has been a breath of fresh hope to millions of West Cameroonians since his invigorating delivery in parliament last year.

The rally in Kumbo will be his first on-the-ground activity since making the pronouncements at the National Assembly. Wirba, perceiving threats from Kumbo DO to band the rally, in his characteristic boldness told the DO that he (Wirba) doesn’t need his permission to conduct the rally.

“Mr. DO, I am a parliamentarian of the nation, (except you have excluded West Cameroon from that nation) and the meeting I informed you I will hold with the people of Bui, billed for Saturday

the 14th of January 2017 will go ahead as scheduled. It will go ahead Mr. DO because your decision to stop it is part of this brutal government’s policy to oppress our people, keep them in fear in order to weaken them and continue treating them like slaves. As I promised from the National Assembly, WE WILL RESIST YOUR BRUTAL OPPRESSION! It is my duty and the duty of the people of West Cameroon, to stand up and resist your brutal oppression. We will be in Kumbo tomorrow in our thousands, in peaceful assembly, with green leaves in our hands. If your intention, as usual, is to kill us tomorrow, Mr. DO, kill me, Joe Wirba, and set my people free.”

Social media has gone awash with posts regarding the rally in Kumbo. Many West Cameroonians from across the region have confirmed that they will defy the bumpy, dusty roads in the Northwest to attend the rally in Kumbo.

“We are so excited that Honorable Wirba is coming to rekindle hope in us. Personally, I will rather we part our ways with a country that values a piece of cloth over human lives. A country where you get killed for speaking your mind. I am so excited about Hon. Wirba’s coming to Kumbo and I am taking my children who have missed school all this while to listen to him” a parent based in Kumbo told CJ. Several other residents of Kumbo whom the Journal spoke to, were very happy about the rally, though some expressed fears that the ever trigger-happy soldiers may open fire on them like they did in Bamenda.

The Cameroon Journal sought to know from Hon.Wirba how safe it will be to hold such a rally and his witty response was, “We cannot afford to chicken out at the sight of trouble, else we will keep playing second fiddle. Death should be seen as emancipation and not an end. I do not worry about the obvious (death), I rather worry about where my children will be tomorrow,” he said with evangelical fervor.

After Kumbo, Wirba plans to proceed to other main towns/cities in the Southern Cameroons holding similar rallies educating Southern Cameroonians and appealing for resistance.



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