The Cameroon Daily Journal

The Cameroon Journal (CJ) is Cameroon’s independent daily (English) newspaper online. We are a quality, independent newspaper with reliable and dependable information, not beholden to any interest group. Loyalty is to the nation. We are about providing all the FACTS to all THE SIDES of every story!


The Cameroon Journal is published by Chris Anu. A veteran Cameroonian journalist,  Mr. Anu has close to thirty years experience in journalism. He has held distinguished editorial positions in Cameroon, Nigeria and the USA. In Nigeria, he was Sub Editor of AM News (daily). He wrote for Tempo newspaper as Senior Staff Writer and foreign desk editor for TheWeek magazine, a publication owned by Atiku Abubakah, former Nigerian Vice president. Until October 2012, Anu was editor of the New Hampshire Herald, a bi-monthly publication.

Our Mission

* To serve as an independent MONITOR OF POWER and hold those entrusted with its exercise accountable.

* To provide the Cameroonian public with information they need to be free and self-governing in a democratic society.

* To vigorously champion a return to fundamental principles of democracy and freedom, believing that it is the arrangement that can best advance the multifarious interests of citizens in a country of many nations and faiths such as Cameroon.

Our Focus

  •    Public Policy •    The Democratic Process and Institutions of Democracy •    Business and Economy •    Sports

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